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Re: Debian on the Sharp Zaurus/SL-5xxx

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          Scott Dier <dieman@ringworld.org> wrote:

> Miah Gregory wrote:

> > Possibly.. Don't forget that such devices will also often be on the end
> > of low bandwidth links, so size really does mean everything.. :-)

> bullshit.  I use a small notebook computer and dont seem to have issues
> having fast connections.

Hmm, no need to swear. Anyway, I'm not debating whether such devices are
capable of sustaining high bandwidth links, eg. 100mbit ethernet or similar,
since that's a given, and I use such connectivity every day on ipaqs, and
even on the Zaurus (only 10mbit however - 100mbit cf ethernet cards are
difficult to get hold of.

> It depends on the people, not the device!

Yes, to the extent whereby most users of such devices aren't programmers,
or developers. They're management types, and they'd like to be able to link
their mobile phone with their handheld to, for instance, surf the 'net, or
check their email. Better still if they can use bluetooth or irda.

Point is, as software developers , we should aim to be efficient with
resources, if that's reasonably possible. Not doing so is quite simply slack,

Miah Gregory

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