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Re: Debian on the Sharp Zaurus/SL-5xxx

On Sun 16 Jun, Scott Dier wrote:
> Miah Gregory wrote:
> > Possibly.. Don't forget that such devices will also often be on the end of
> > low bandwidth links, so size really does mean everything.. :-)
> bullshit.  I use a small notebook computer and dont seem to have issues 
> having fast connections.

But anyone with a psion PDA, and a lot of people with ipaqs have to upgrade
their packages over a ppp serial link. Fat packages take a long time at
115200 baud, especially if you are using the link for anything else.

It is possible to shut down the system unplug the CF card and do the upgrade
that way, but it's not usually convenient.

I do think package size matters in PDA-land. This will become less true over
time as they start to come with ethernet or USB as standard, but for the time
being I do think small packages are a worthy goal. I've been astonished by
the size of ipkgs of some things (eg Xfree86 is 424K +xlibs of 1026K and
xfonts of 725K for a working X system), 

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