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Re: Wish: Unfreeze Woody and start anew

On Mon, Jun 10, 2002 at 02:47:02AM -0500, starner@okstate.edu wrote:
> >    starner> I don't recall ever reading this anywhere,
> >I don't thin we ever 'put it on paper'. It's been said over and over and
> >over on the debian-devel list. Check the archives...
> I've been on debian-devel for four years; I don't recall hearing this
> before. Given that I am also a developer, that many developers have 
> been added in the last four years, most probably without hearing this
> either, and that our package list shows no evidence of this, I would 
> guess that this hasn't been true for a long time, no matter what some
> of the paleocracy may want to believe.

The word is "Cabal". Surely the secret orders you received when you
joined the project informed you over this?

Not that there is one, of course.


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