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hda: interrupt lost

I have decided to first send my question to the debian-devel lists rather
than attempt to subscribe to a general linux list in order to find a 
solution to this problem.

Reasonably suddenly my 'firewall' box has developed a problem 
reporting "hda: interrupt lost" quite regularily to the console
and during some bootups. Also, the boot sequence reports that
hda is 'Busy' (I would cut and paste the report, but as the
next sequence explains, grep is not viable)

Commands that access the disk more than slightly seem to also
lock up now (bzip, grep, cat, et al).

Is there any way to solve this problem using any the available
tools in debian packages? I am assuming something in _hdparm_
or _hwtools_ ?

Or is the only solution burning the drive with something akin
to a blow torch and then reinstalling onto a new drive? Googling
has not returned anything useful in the way of advice, except
that it might be APM related (no APM on the machine). And reading
the source (drivers/block/ide.c) doesnt really offer any 
hints either.

Many many thanks in advance to any and all advice.

Peter Crystal.
darke@debian.org  // darke@indigo.net.au

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