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Re: Wish: Unfreeze Woody and start anew

>>>>> "Christian" == Christian Kurz <shorty@debian.org> writes:

    Christian> The most secure? You're aware about OpenBSD and that
    Christian> they are already the most secure OS that you can
    Christian> install?

Is it!? I dissagre. Ok, I haven't used OpenBSD _that_ much. Not nearly
close the same amount of hours that I've used Debian GNU/Linux. But I
still _feel_ (I might be wrong off course :) that Debian GNU/Linux is as
secure as OpenBSD. Now, Debian GNU/Linux only (!) have one (released)
distribution. Stable. That's just that. Stable.

    Christian> I don't think Debian can compete in any way
    Christian> with them and Debian shouldn't even try to do so.

We don't HAVE to. We're not making any money from what we do. We do it
because we LIKE it. We do it because we think we're good at what we do.
That's all that matters.

We don't have to take market share. All we have to do is produce a good,
stable and secure operating system for OUR OWN USE!

If others like what we produce, GOOD! If not, tuff luck! Their loss.

    Christian> You can have both. It's mostly a matter of logistics
    Christian> and infrastructure.  Take a look at for example
    Christian> FreeBSD. They are able to provide a good OS and have
    Christian> new releases quite often.

What a joke! Sorry, but I HAVE to say that! *BSD sucks! Big time! It's
complicated, it's anquard to install, upgrade AND maintain! It's not
NEARLY as clean and easy to use as a Linux distribution (except Slackware).

And yes, I HAVE used both NetBSD and FreeBSD (and tried OpenBSD a couple
of times). I just got frustrated in the lack of 'pre-configuration that

When Debian GNU/Linux is installed on your (server, workstation, firewall,
what not) machine, it is just that. Installed. For you. For your needs.
No more configuration necessary. At least no major configuration :)
It asks you the question it needs to function as YOU like it to function
when it's installing. That's why I _DON'T_ recommend it for beginners.
They (usually) don't even know what a 'smarter host' _IS_, let alone what
to use it for! This is (one reason) why Debian GNU/Linux isn't PRIMARILY
designed for the home market.

This discussion (complaints about why we release so darn seldom) comes
up EVERY SINGLE TIME we're to release. It _ALWAYS_ originate from a new
user, a new maintainer or 'new' what not... I've seen quite a number
of releases in my days, and I _STILL_ (!!) think we're doing the releases
'THE RIGHT AND PROPER' (tm) way. This is how Debian GNU/Linux releases.
We release when it's ready. The End. Ende. Fin. (etc).

Don't like that? Have another opinion? Fine. This is a free world (well,
most of it anyway). DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! Help the security team. Help
the distribution out the door for g**d sake. Don't whine about it (I'm
not saying this ONLY to you Christian, but for ALL of those that complain
about Debian GNU/Linux not releasing as often). It's all about 'free labour'.
Don't DEMAND that we set a side other, more pressing issues so that we
can release often. We always (!!) release on time. The time for the release
is, as always (!) "when it's ready".
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