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Re: what about Database?

W liście z nie, 09-06-2002, godz. 22:03, Florian Weps pisze: 
> On Sun, Jun 09, 2002 at 08:59:21PM +0200, Florian Weps wrote:
> > 
> > For one thing, I am currently packaging SQL Relay, a data base
> > connection proxy.  See bug #119700 for the ITP. The upstream
> > home page is at <http://firstworks.com> Usable packages
>                    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> Actually, it's <http://www.firstworks.com/sqlrelay.html>, as
> Ingo Juergensmann just noticed.

Uhmm... I looked at the page and it seems interesting.
ATM I am busy with other things, but I'll take a look at sqlrelay
when I am back to RDBMS related jobs (in a month from now I think).

BTW: I packaged FireBird (

'apt-cache search firebird' on unstable will tell you the truth ;-)

) which I suspect You'll need to use to compile code interacting
with InterBase - if you want the package to go in main (uhh... what
a mix of licenses). FireBird is 99.9% InterBase 6.0 compatible and
is based on IB6.0 beta code under MPL-like license.

Oh - and that reminds me that I need to tell that PHP maintainer ;-)
that he can compile PHP w/ FireBird/InterBase support.


					Grzegorz Prokopski

PS: I think that it is good practise to start a new thread if you
really want to discuss different thing that the one that started
the thread. It gains more readers ;-) which is good.

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