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Re: what about Database?

> Secondly, Giuseppe suggested a policy document for packages that rely
> on a DB engine.  I don't see much need for yet another policy document
> (packaging SQL Relay  got me in contact with many policy documents -
> all useful, mind you), but maybe I am overlooking some serious points -
> such as what happens to client software when the DB gets updated. What
> are your arguments in favour of a DB-policy, Giuseppe?

Actually when installing an application that for instance uses a DBI or
PHPlib interface you have to scan for every database engine installed and
then ask the user to select one of them. After choosing the engine you
have to select a database instance name and some users/passwords.

When you upgrade a database engine you would probably need to stop
applications that uses the engine and then restart them.

When you want to uninstall applications you could remove the associated
database instance. When you remove database engine you could ask the
user to migrate to a different engine.

I would like to have some infrastructure to support all these operations
in a standard way.


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