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Re: How do I install woody on 160 GB harddisk on KT333 chipset?

* Matt Zimmerman 

| For debian-installer, it would be feasible to add more sophisticated
| support, allowing the user to use the EVMS tools directly from the
| installation system.

yup, that was what I hoped for.

| I don't know much about d-i yet.  Would I start by providing udebs
| of the EVMS tools?  What about the GUI?  Is graphical installation
| support planned?

udebs would be a great start, I don't know what amount of kernel
modules and similar it needs.  The UI will be cdebconf which works
just the same way as debconf to the normal user programs.  Hopefully,
we'll have a graphical installation, but that requires that somebody
actually implements a graphical frontend to cdebconf.  That is on my
TODO list, but nowhere near the top.

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