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How do I install woody on 160 GB harddisk on KT333 chipset?


debian-user didn't respond, there is no debian-install, so I thought I try
this one... I'm planning to buy a 160 GB Maxtor harddisk for my new
system. But there seem to be problems regarding support of 48-bit LBA and
the VIA VT8233A (note the 'A', it's the southbridge supporting ATA133)
chipset in kernel 2.4.18. So I wanted to ask if anyone here has experience
with this situation or can tell me how I have to proceed to get a working

I imagine that woody will only see 137 GB without a patched kernel. (And ,
possibly, won't activate UDMA, since the 8233A isn't supported in the
kernel, even when the 8233 seems to be.) Is it possible to install it in
this space, patch the kernel, and then activate the rest of the disk with
fips or whatever? Or, since I want to install Win98 anyway in parallel,
can I just install Win98 in the upper part (> 137 GB) of the harddisk
without having to patch Linux? (Assuming Win98 doesn't give me problems.)
Or are there patched kernel-images or even boot-floppies available?

Cheers, Till

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