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Re: lightning quick woody+1 release scenarios (was Re: Wishlist for woody+1)

At 09:46 PM 5/26/02 -0400, Joey Hess wrote:
I wrote in response to Colin Watson:
> > > - release 2 months after woody
> >
> > Is anyone willing to maintain boot-floppies for another release? If not,
> > one of the best ways to achieve this is to get enough people working on
> > debian-installer to make it stable as quickly as possible.
> Yes, exactly. I'd love nothing more than to see woody+1 in 2 months, but
> the boot-floppies crew is emphatic that it's End Of Life, and probably
> wouldn't appreciate another release worth of work (it's always 500% more
> work than you'd expect to prepare boot-floppies for release) and no
> replacements are production quality yet.

Here are a few scenarios that might be worth thinking about if we want
to seriously pursue a very quick successor to woody with limited updates.

I'd like to see a GCC 3.1, with a working GNAT, on all architectures. We
aren't going to work out all the bugs in GCC 3.1 and all the bugs in programs
exposed by GCC 3.1 in two months. (Note even Red Hat doesn't change GCC
versions in anything but major releases months apart. I don't think any major
distributor does.) A reasonably quick release is good, but I'd rather see a
new working installer and a new GCC than something rushed out.

As always, anyone is capable of making a Woody and a half. I would happily
support someone who decided to do so; one way to get faster releases might
be to have a midpoint release by dedicated individuals willing to collect the
new but stable stuff.

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