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Re: CPU specific/optimized Debian builds ?

On Fri, 24 May 2002 09:14:57 +1000
Glenn McGrath <bug1@optushome.com.au> wrote:

> > All my bugs with build problems start with "FTBFS:"
> > to make them stand out.
> > There is quite a lot of them, about 200 open right now, 
> > and quite many of them have patches.
> > But I haven't gotten around to sending patches to all yet.
> > 
> It picked up a FTBFS in my package libtar, tuns out that the autoconf
> wrapper is broken, a typo, it accepts the argument --inclue but not
> --include.

Such bugs are embarassing, should be fixed ASAP :)

> This bug has the potential to cause lots of other packages to FTBFS, maybe
> some of the 200 ?

Hm... not many of the packages build-depend on automake/autoconf
since the last breakages automake/autoconf caused.

People use "touch" magic, or the other techniques to avoid
regenerating maintainer scripts.

> A bug was going to be filed after discussion on irc, but i cant see it in
> the bts, ill file one later if i dont find it.


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