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Re: hurd does NOT need /hurd

since i don't keep archives of debian-devel, i don't have the exact part
of the thread where this came up but:

about /bin/login

i tried ``exec login'' on a VC. it worked, i got a login prompt.
but i got to thinking ``exec false'' would do the same thing.

so i open(1)'d a new VC, then exec'd login. no login prompt. though i
did get a ``no utmp entry'' error again, and no shell. that VC was then
useless to me.
	i did not verify that i had an utmp entry, however, and i just
	thought of this ;)   my next test is to actually go through the
	pstree and see what spawned what, and to verify the existenance
	of a utmp entry.

so i still submit: /bin/login being executed by a _user_ on a gnu/linux
system is _useless_.

since /bin/login is not SUID, how can it read the /etc/shadow passwords?

i am willing to accept a reasoned and proven demonstration on how
/bin/login is _usefull_ for a user (UID!=0) to run on a gnu/linux system.


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