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Re: nomarch-1.2 - Problems with RLE patent 4,586,027

On 21-May-02, 08:20 (CDT), Jim Lynch <jwl@debian.org> wrote: 
> (did you read the above? I'm not suggesting the lawyers are needed to 
> -determine- if the patents are bogus. I'm stating that if debian is to
> have this backbone and set of balls you speak of, it should -fight- the
> patents and have them recinded. So, in fact we do agree that the patents
> are bogus, but you believe they should be ignored and I believe they
> should be dealt with.)

Why should we piss away money trying revoke patents that noone is
attempting to enforce? Yes, in principle, it's a nice idea, but Debian
and/or SPI and/or EFF and/or whoever don't have nearly enough funds to
fight all the battles that have started, much less start our own.

Just ignore the obvious losers, and if an idiot corporation does try to
enforce one, then pony up the funds necessary.


Steve Greenland

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