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Re: where do NEW packages go?

On Sat, May 18, 2002 at 12:51:29AM -0500, Manoj Srivastava wrote:
> 	But any technical change, whether it is related to the HURD,
>  to X, or how init scripts work, needs a certain process in order to
>  be implemented: amongst other things, one needs to have a technical
>  design (marcus has done most of that); there has to be working code,
>  perhaps with test cases, and then one needs to work with the people
>  in charge of the infrastructure to roll out the changes.

This is not the efficienst way to cooperate.  I prefer a step between making a
technical design and producing working code, and this step is discussing the
technical design with other people, in particular those people who later
have to incorporate patches and work with the code.  And then probably
starting all over again ("back to the drawing board") if the design turns
out to be not workable or not perfect.

It has sometimes been very difficult for me to get input on such technical
issues.  I respect all possible reasons for this (the main reason being just
that what is important for me is of low priority for others), however, I
also want to be respected for not writing code before I have not at least
some input by the people who it will concern (and if it is just: "go ahead",
or "you got it all wrong, try again, taking into account this or that").
In particular with issues like the architecture handling, which affects a
lot of areas in Debian where I have little knowledge about, a good solution
can only be achieved with the input of the experts on the fields (this
includes people from the packaging system, the archive management and the
various porters).

I have spent some time writing patches etc before getting input from the
maintainers in the past, and in some projects the maintainers didn't like
the way I attacked a problem and preferred some other design or solution. 
It would not have been hard for me to take this into account right from the
beginning, if I had only know it.  So I thought that this approach doesn't
work too well.


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