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root partition and ext3


Sorry for bothering you. I know this has been a thread on debian-devel
already. I followed parts of it, but did not get a clear understanding
of what to do. My installed kernel is kernel-image-2.4.18-5-686.

After successful transfer of all partitions to ext3, using tune2fs -j
/dev/sda?, I thought everything was OK, also for the root
partition. But its NOT! While having both ext2 and ext3 as modules, as
with kernel-2.4.18-5, the root partition is mounted as ext2, not
ext3. This has been verified when rebooting after problems with
shutdown (especially with upgrading glibc etc) when the root partition
is uncleanly unmounted.  How to resolve this, the fstab entry is
useless since it's on the not yet mounted on the / partition...?  I
assume mounting of the root partition is taken care of by the kernel..

/dev/sda1 on / type ext3,ext2 (rw)

cat /etc//fstab:
/dev/sda1       /              ext3,ext2   defaults              0      1


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