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Re: Woody / Stable

On Fri, May 17, 2002 at 10:54:24AM -0400, Walter Tautz wrote:
> however the average user or newcomer will not grasp the signficance of the
> phrases 'Release-critical bugs' etc or will S/he be likely to click on
> debian-devel-announce mailing list.

Well, if the first item on the list of things needed to be done says "Total
number of release-critical bugs: 82", and if the person is aware of the fact
bugs are problems that need to be fixed, then I don't see how they could
fail to come to the conclusion that this is the thing keeping woody from
being released.

In this particular case a lot of those bugs are not the showstoppers, but
this is nevertheless a viable explanation for a random newbie.

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