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Re: ddp make errors

On Thursday 16 May 2002 20:31, Scott Henson wrote:
> I was trying to grab the latest cvs copies of the ddp how-tos and suck,
> but when I try to make them, I get several errors about a file not being
> present.  I have the package that should have that file in it installed,
> but the file is no where to be found. Here are the errors.  Any help is
> appreciated.
> debiandoc2html -l en -c securing-debian-howto.sgml
> nsgmls:E: cannot find "resume.dcl"; tried
> "/usr/share/sgml/xml-resume-library/dtd/resume.dcl",
> "/usr/local/share/sgml/resume.dcl", "/usr/local/lib/sgml/resume.dcl",
> "/usr/share/sgml/resume.dcl"
> nsgmls:(invalid location):E: invalid default SGML declaration
> make: *** [securing-debian-howto.html] Error 1
> I have xml-resume-library installed along with all the docbook and sgml
> stuff installed.  What package contains this file or how do I get it.
> Thanks.

apt-get --purge remove xml-resume-library
and then try to generate the SGMLs
don't know why this package causes such problems :-( 

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