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ddp make errors

I was trying to grab the latest cvs copies of the ddp how-tos and suck,
but when I try to make them, I get several errors about a file not being
present.  I have the package that should have that file in it installed,
but the file is no where to be found. Here are the errors.  Any help is

debiandoc2html -l en -c securing-debian-howto.sgml
nsgmls:E: cannot find "resume.dcl"; tried
"/usr/local/share/sgml/resume.dcl", "/usr/local/lib/sgml/resume.dcl",
nsgmls:(invalid location):E: invalid default SGML declaration
make: *** [securing-debian-howto.html] Error 1

I have xml-resume-library installed along with all the docbook and sgml
stuff installed.  What package contains this file or how do I get it. 
-Peace kid
  Scott Henson	shenson2@wvu.edu

"God's the ultimate playa, so naturally He's going to have some haters,"
rapper Ice Cube said. "But these haters need to realize that  if you
mess with the man upstairs, you will get your ass smote. True dat."

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