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Heads up for PAM instability as we move to 0.75

Since the freeze of woody, I've been working on updating the Debian
PAM packages to version 0.75.  I'm making reasonable progress and hope
to have initial test packages some time after this weekend

People should be aware that I expect significant instability as a
result of these packages, despite testing I'm doing before uploading.
No one seems to run the actual PAM upstream release; people  tend to
run whatever their OS ships.  Since all the operatining systems
including Debian tend to apply many patches, this means that   the
actual upstream PAM releases tend to receive very little testing.  It
shows.  I've found the following sorts of issues already:

* Upstream build process cannot run under fakeroot
* Upstream build process mishandles building shared libraries (sonames
* incorrectly handled)
* Upstream build process completely fails if you enable static
* libraries
* pam_unix contains common options that are guaranteed to segfault

For the most part these have been fixed in upstream CVS although not
in any released code.  But I would expect that people are going to run
into a few issues after the packages are uploaded to unstable.  But
hey, you're the one running unstable.

I will not be uploading packages before the end of next week and
probably it will be more like 3-4 weeks before I consider things are
ready.  This is just a heads up.

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