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Re: RMS' girlfriend

Bruce Perens <bruce@perens.com> writes:

> A good many of us hold some admiration, respect, or even affection for
> RMS. At the same time being conscious that like all humans, he has
> his limitations. Geeks sometimes have trouble getting along in the
> world. RMS is an uber-geek and has come in for a good deal of pain.
> It is nice to see that he is doing better now.

As long as I've known RMS, he has had no trouble finding people to
date.  He might experience the same frustrations of all of us, of
course.  But it's not like he's never had people interested in him.
And I worked next to his office for eight years.

All of the women I met were kind decent people well worth anyone's
time or interest.  

The whole thing seems mildly distasteful, however; I would not
terribly enjoy having the ins and outs of my tumultuous love life
discussed on debian-devel.


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