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Re: RMS' girlfriend

This one time, at band camp, Sean Middleditch wrote:
>On Mon, 2002-05-13 at 11:15, Roberto Suarez Soto wrote:
>> On May/12, Michael Alan Dorman wrote:
>> [RMS has a girlfriend]
>> > Some of us do care, or are at least interested to hear it.  People
>> > should have lives, not just crusades.  Maybe it'll even make RMS
>> > easier to deal with. :-)
>> 	Ok, but as the previous poster said ... What's the point? :-)
>Oooh, ooh, I know!  I know!  Only Free Software developers get the
>blonde girls, us Open Source people are stuck with the brunettes!

And the ones who actually do the work get the redheads?

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