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Re: Editor Priorities

On Wed, May 08, 2002 at 05:12:30PM -0000, m@moshez.org wrote:
> * Supports pausing using ^Z +20

Do any editors actually not support this?  (Sorry, I've been using Vim
exclusively for years.)  It's not exactly something "supported", as much
as something deliberately disallowed.  Suspending is fundamental to any
console application.

> * Ability to run a command on a range of lines +0
> * Ability to work with rectangular regions in a text file +2
> * Ability to edit right-to-left (Arabic, Hebrew) +0
> * Ability to edit unicode +0
> * Ability to use split windows +0

On one hand, I agree with Tomohiro and Oohira that the various aspects
of i18n is important.  (Branden points out that it's not necessary for
editing /etc, but the default editor is used for more than that, isn't
it?)  Maybe it's worth a few points in some form, but not the massive
95 points in six categories that Tomohiro suggested.

On the other hand, if someone explicitely *needs* support for these
features, this system isn't guaranteed to give it; it won't help the
problem Tomohiro mentioned of needing to track down which applications
support his language.  (And, as he mentioned, there's a lot more than
just editors that users need this support for.)  If someone doesn't need
it, then they probably don't care at all--either you use an encoding or
you don't.  So, I'm not sure adding any of those scores helps.

I do agree that localized (or at least localizable) text is worth

> * Folding, narrowing, and ouline modes +1 each


> * Built in spell checks +10 XXX

Builtin spell-checking is bloat.  Builtin capabilities for calling an
external spellchecker is useful.

> * Ability to read/write files over network protocols +10
>   * Each protocol supported +1

Why?  Sounds pretty special-purpose to me.  Most common protocols are
either the kernel's job (smbfs, NFS) or not very good at editing (ftp).

Glenn Maynard

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