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Re: Editor Priorities

On Thu, 9 May 2002 16:29, Tomohiro KUBOTA wrote:
> In future Debian, it would be nice if setting one configuration
> (for example, INVISIBLE=yes), and all software will obey it.
> I think it is not technically possible now.  However, it is
> technically possible to write LANG-variable-sensible softwares
> and we should encourage such softwares,

Of course doing so requires extra work.  I'm all for i18n, but I've got heaps 
of other things to work on at the moment.  I'm more than happy to accept i18n 
patches for any of my programs...

> instead of "racist"
> softwares which only supports European languages.  Yes, people
> should be called racist who refuse to support non-European
> languages even though there are easy ways to do so and there
> are no technical problem.

For any major language you can find people outside of the main ethnic group 
who speak it as their primary language.  I've met many non-caucasian people 
who have English/Dutch/French as their first language and I'm sure I could 
say the same about the German language if I spent more time in Germany...

I think that it's unreasonable to label people as racist because they don't 
support your first language.

> I didn't hear any convincing opinion against it.  Anyway, I decided
> to improve and internationalize terminal emulators.  It takes years
> and now it is partly successful.  rxvt-beta and eterm have LC_CTYPE
> sensibility support which is written by me.  I am also joining the
> development of mlterm and try to improve xterm with Juliusz's luit.

That sounds great!

> However, in this case, priority in Debian alternative system is
> completely Debian's problem, not upstream problem.

True, however first we need to have working i18n code, then we can look into 
better support with alternatives etc.

Most of my packages don't even have non-English translations of the man 
pages, which is not something I can fix.

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