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Re: Editor Priorities

Before building such a list we should decide what we want editor
to be: a really powerful editor, or programmers editor or a easy
to use editor that you do not need to know before you start using it?

In my opinion it should be the last: a easy to use editor that will not
cause people to scream loudly if they suddenly find themselves
confronted with it. People who an editors of a different kind already
know what they want and will have set their VISUAL or EDITOR environment
accordingly or will call it by name directly.

Yes, this means that I think that emacs and vi are both bad default
choices for the editor alternative. True, both might give you menus,
give a hint how to reach online help, etc. Both if you invoke them
with a filename they don't, and if you aren't running X they won't
give you fancy button bars or menus. 

In my opinion the only criteria should be:
* simple to use for everyone
* can handle all the basic simple editing tasks


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