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Re: possible mass-filing of bugs: many shared library packages contain binaries in usr/bin

>>>>> "Junichi" == Junichi Uekawa <dancer@netfort.gr.jp> writes:
    Junichi> A user may have external binary (outside of Debian
    Junichi> control) that links to the library.  That binary will
    Junichi> stop starting.

Junichi, previously you were complaining about binaries contained
*within* Debian packages; now you are referring to binaries
independent of any Debian package.  These two things are not related.

If upstream breaks ABI compatibility and the Debian maintainer chooses
to start a new source package to allow this, we are in alternative b)
in my previous email.

    Junichi> No, -dev should have the following entry:

    Junichi> Package: libsomething1-dev Provides: libsomething-dev
    Junichi> Conflicts: libsomething-dev

    Junichi> so that only one version of the -dev package will be
    Junichi> installable.

You want a Replaces: line in there as well for that to work properly.

So what you're really asking for is that developers always package
-dev packages Highlander-style (there can be only one in a system) for
each library.  That's fine.  However, it's only necessary if upstream
introduces an incompatible ABI change.  If the new ABI is a superset
of the previous version, there's no reason to do this & lots of reasons
not to (archive space consumption, user confusion etc).

    Junichi> I have clued you to the problems and solutions, can you
    Junichi> still say that again?

Yes, I can.  Your original complaint, that libraries packages contain
binaries, is not automatically a bug.


"Networks are complicated. Security is difficult. People are stupid." 
- jsaylor@mediaone.net

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