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Re: le logiciel libre m'interesse.

pour commencer, merci bien pour ta lettre. cette liste, elle est en
anglaise. alors, il fait que t'ecris en anglaise, especialment si tu
voudrais rejoindre l'equipe Debian. je vais repondre a tes questions
en anglais, j'espere que ce ne serait pas un problem...

also sprach smel KALAIDJI <eln2377@yahoo.fr> [2002.05.03.1525 +0200]:
>    pour rejoindre l'équipe, je doit connaitre quel
> langage? ou quel outils?

Debian is not based on one language in particular, and not all of
Debian is about coding. if you wish to contribute/help with package
development and maintenance, then you can be sure to need knowledge in
C and bash shell scripting. however, if you don't possess those
skills, there is still plenty of room for you. for instance, if you
are good in english, then you might want to join Debian by helping the
english-french translations.

>   je pourrais apprendre en meme temps si vous
> voulais...je suis tres motivé.

that's good. motivated people is what keeps Debian alive. if you want
to apply to Debian, please visit http://nm.debian.org/newnm.php and
take the appropriate steps. it's a long process, but it's necessary.

>    DEBIAN GNU/LINUX, c quoi au juste par rapport la
> mandrake et la redhat?

without trying to compare, here are the main differences:

  - redhat/mandrake are RPM based, Debian has its own package format:
    DEB. it serves as the basis for Debian's outstanding package
    management system dpkg/apt, which provides for seemless
    integration of dependencies, (almost) trouble-free installation of
    about 9000 software pieces, and stress-free updates.

  - unlike any other linux distribution, Debian strictly adheres to
    the standards set forth by the filsystem hierarchy standard
    (http://www.pathname.com/fhs). this makes administration *a lot*
    easier, and it ensures that you will be able to use and understand
    a five-year-old system as well as one that you have only had for
    a couple of months. this is *not* the case for other distros, at
    least IMHO, where i'd be thoroughly lost after a year because
    there are no guidelines as to where files are stored.

  - again judging from experience, Debian has the best mailing list,
    debian-user. this by itself is already 95% enough of a reason to
    install/use Debian.

  - Debian is non-commercial.

  - Debian ist not cutting-edge, but it ensures high quality software.
    Redhat and Mandrake try to package the most current versions of
    all software, regardless of whether it has been thoroughly tested
    or not.

i am sure that there are plenty of other reasons. watch debian-user
spring to life as people see this and add their two cents, which i am
sure they will ;^>

we'd love to have you!

martin;              (greetings from the heart of the sun.)
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if loving linux is wrong, i don't want to be right.

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