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ITP: d-shlibs (Re: Bug#145569: ncurses: wrong dependency on libc6-dev)

Package: wnpp

I intend to package d-shlibs, a collection of shared-library packaging
helper scripts to demonstrate that most of shared library packaging
practices currently done manually can be automated.

This is more of a proof-of-concept collection of scripts, which
would be better off being folded back to dpkg, and debhelper, if

> > I'm moving this discussion over to -devel, 
> > because this topic is not restricted to ncurses only.
> I think we should just implement versioned depends and have
> Depends: glibc-dev (= foo)
> I say "glibc-dev" because we have another libc for the *BSD ports, so
> it will probably be something like this in the future:
> Depends: glibc-dev (= foo) | bsdlibc-dev (= bar)

No, that wouldn't scale. 

I believe that the most undesirable part of current 
library packaging is that the Depends: field of 
development libraries are not automatically handled,
although it should be possible to do that.


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