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Re: new draft release announcement

>>"Federico" == Federico Di Gregorio <fog@initd.org> writes:
 >> Hmm. Why don't we follow the common versioning scheme of
 >> 3.0.1, 3.0.2, 3.1.0. 3.1.1, etc? 

 Federico> this was discussed a long ago. the rN is a concession to
 Federico> the CD distributors that don't want to print a large number
 Federico> of CD with the fear of Debian releasing a 'new' (note
 Federico> quoting) version. i don't agree but it was decided that
 Federico> 3.0rN looks less scary than 3.0.N.

	I remember that. Does the argument still hold water? Do CD
 manufacturers care? I seem to recall people selling the rN versions
 as well for potato.

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