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Re: New Package Developer

* Junichi Uekawa 

| Tollef Fog Heen <tollef@add.no> scripsit:
| > * Michael Weber 
| > 
| > | I decided in favor of a more complicated Depends line at that time,
| > | but if (despite of keeping all the above in mind) there is a
| > | convincing argument for a name-versioned package, please speak up. :)
| > 
| > Make the package provide ghc5.02.2 and have packages depend on that?
| So that every new release of ghc will break old programs
| compiled against older ghc?

Why is this worse than what the maintainer proposed:

: Basically, you can't. A while back a limitation of ghc
: wrt. libraries has been discovered.  In particular, it is only
: guaranteed that a library works with the exact version (plus
: patchlevel) of the compiler it was compiled with.  IOW, if it was
: compiled with ghc5-5.02.2-something, the Depends would look like:
: 	ghc5 (>= 5.02.2), ghc5 (<< 5.02.3)

it will break just as badly.

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