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Re: New Package Developer

* "Shawn P. Garbett" <listman@garbett.org> [2002-04-25T13:58-0500]:
> Secondly, The package is an extension to ghc (haskell compiler). It has 
> scripts and library files. I've run into the problem in the make file of it 
> refering to things like '/usr/lib/ghc-5.02.2/'.

Asking the maintainer of ghc* was not an option? :)

[206]% ghc --numeric-version

I've seen this coming looooong before, and asked upstream to add this
option :)  (Unfortunately, options to print the path to the include
files of the compiler have been ignored...)

From the changelog:

  * ghc now understands option '--numeric-version', which will be
    supported in the upcoming unstable version anyway...
 -- Michael Weber <michael.weber@post.rwth-aachen.de>  Mon,  3 Jul 2000 14:52:12

> Which is highly version specific and I'd like to make it at least
> generic to ghc-5.

Basically, you can't. A while back a limitation of ghc wrt. libraries
has been discovered.  In particular, it is only guaranteed that a
library works with the exact version (plus patchlevel) of the compiler
it was compiled with.  IOW, if it was compiled with
ghc5-5.02.2-something, the Depends would look like: 

	ghc5 (>= 5.02.2), ghc5 (<< 5.02.3)
The Debian revision _should_ be negligible.  At least that's what is
currently believed...

Ideally, the ghc packages would offer some help with this, feel free
to file a wishlist bug against them.

> How can I amend the makefiles to take into account the version of ghc
> installed?

ghc --numeric-version, but see above

> Third, the library also supports a different haskell compiler, nhc98. Is it 
> possible to know which alternate package is installed to build the correct 
> version of the libraries. Maybe a grep on dpkg output or something?

You have to build them for _all_ compilers (and put each version into
a different package).

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