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New Package Developer

I'm trying to put together a new package for Debian. I know very little about 
it other than an online tutorial I've gone through. 

First am I in the right group to ask questions?

Secondly, The package is an extension to ghc (haskell compiler). It has 
scripts and library files. I've run into the problem in the make file of it 
refering to things like '/usr/lib/ghc-5.02.2/'. Which is highly version 
specific and I'd like to make it at least generic to ghc-5. How can I amend 
the makefiles to take into account the version of ghc installed?

Third, the library also supports a different haskell compiler, nhc98. Is it 
possible to know which alternate package is installed to build the correct 
version of the libraries. Maybe a grep on dpkg output or something?


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