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Re: draft release announcement

Thom May <thom@debian.org> writes:

> For a lot of users, politics is a distant second to our
> _technical_ achievements, which is what a release announcement needs to
> (and does, it's excellently written) highlight.

Sez who?  Of course we should highlight techincal achievements, but
not as if they are the only things that matter.

> If we don't attract users to our Debian GNU/Linux, then they go to Red Hat 
> and whoever else who explicitly _don't_ call their system GNU/Linux.

Huh?  So they will leave because they are turned off by the name
GNU/Linux, but they don't understand that name?  Or they are so daft
they can't make sense of the name even when we tell them?

Never mind, I don't think it's worth discussing further.

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