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Re: draft release announcement

Thom May wrote:
> > Ssh and gnupg are included in the default install, and strong
> > encryption is now present in web browsers, databases, XXX, and YYY.
> > [ XXX fill in the blanks ]
> Web servers...

I'd rather some more variety since we already have one web thing in the

> > Further integration of crypto is planned for future releases.
> > 
> > With the addition of the ia64, hppa, mips, mipsel, and s390 architectures,
> > Debian GNU/Linux now supports a total of 10 architectures. It now runs on
> 11 Arches: alpha, arm, hppa, i386, ia64, m68k, mips, mipsel, powerpc, s390,
> sparc

I keep wanting to count the mipses as a single arch, but ok.

> > computers ranging from game consoles to supercomputers, and nearly everything
> > in between, including the latest generation of 64 bit machines.
> > [ XXX those dreamstations and playcasts are mips boxen, right? I don't know
> >   much about this area. ;-) ]
> >
> I thought dreamcasts were SH4, so not supported in woody?  
> Playstations? pass.

I'd hate to lose that line about game stations to supercomputers, but if
it's not supported, it's not supported. Do we support any new interesting
small hardware this time around?

> >   verify. Also, an other FS's supported by default? reiser? ]
> the BF24 image has ext3 and reiser, yes. (and the isolinux cd allows you to
> build ext3 and reiser partitions during install).

Which one is the isolinux CD? Is that the default CD? I thought all the
bf2.4 cd's allowed creation of that stuff?

> > is used to streamline configuration of the system. The task system has been
> > revamped and made more flexible. Debian GNU/Linux can be installed from CD,
> > or from the network and a few floppies. It can be obtained via FTP from
> > ftp://ftp.debian.org/debian/, and many mirrors, and will soon be
> > available on CD-ROM from numerous vendors. CD Images may be downloaded now.
> > [ XXX should I mention DVD? ]
> Is it definitely happening?

There are images, I don't know if they'll be official.

see shy jo

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