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Re: draft release announcement

On Sat, Apr 27, 2002 at 01:46:42PM -0400, Joey Hess wrote:
> (I'm Looking for corrections, suggestions, comments...)

Well written. A a few suggestions, though.

> Debian GNU/Linux is a free Linux system. It is developed by nearly
> a thousand volunteers from all over the world who collaborate via the
> [ XXX 963, whether to round up or down is an open question.. ]

I think that there's no need to use the exact number. It will be
incorrect very soon any way. "A thousand" will do fine and will be

> Ssh and gnupg are included in the default install, and strong

gnupg is the name of the package. I prefer using the name of the software: 
GNU Privary Guard. Maybe s/ssh/OpenSSH/ too?

> desktop environment is upgraded to version 1.4, and X itself is upgraded to
> version 2.4. 

4.1.0, of course.

> With mozilla 1.0rc1, galeon, and konquoror, this release of 

A typo. s/konquoror/konqueror/.

> Debian for the first time features a set of mature and very usable desktops
> and web browsers.

This implies that only Gnome and KDE are "mature and very usable". 
For many experienced users they are nothing but "unnecessary
multi-media". And no, I don't want to start a war or put down Gnome and
KDE users and developers but for many people their features are simply 
unnecessary bloat. Some people need (or like) those features. Some do not.

> [ XXX should I mention DVD? ]

Please do. DVD devices are quite common.

> In the area of standards compliance, this is the first release of Debian to
> be fully  compliant with FHS version 2.1. Debian GNU/Linux now also supports
> [ is "compliant" the right word? ]

Yes. But I am not a native English speaker.

> some have fallen along the way, Debian has weathered recent troubles well,
> [ I hope the above wording doesn't generate any unfortunate imagery. Thoughts? ]

Is it really necessary to mention this at all? Debian is non-commercial
and therefore it is not, at least not much, affected by the fluctuations
of economy.

Ari Makela		hauva@arska.org		 http://arska.org/hauva/

"Sailing is, after all, a kind of grace, a kind of magic." - Phil Berman

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