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Re: XFree 4.2.0 - again

Eduard Bloch@lists.debian-devel@Fri, 26 Apr 2002 15:58:51 +0200:
>  BTW, who said Sarge? I cannot find any reference about this name, at
>  least not from any real decission makers. See attached IRC log, censored
>  a bit.
Well, here some more IRC logs with information about it:

15:06       zarq| after woody is released, what will the new name for testing be?
15:07     wilmer| sarge
15:07       zarq| ah yes.
15:07     wilmer| zarq: at least, that's what i'm told
15:07       part| it's up to aj
15:07     wilmer| some people seem to be quite sure about it already
15:08     Kamion| wilmer: aj used that once as an example name and everybody assumed he was sticking to it :)
15:08       zarq| wilmer, a post to -devel threatening to postpone woody until we had a chance to vote about it would be a bad idea ,right? :)
15:09     wilmer| zarq: hmm... some people might be going to hate you.. maybe you'll get some scary visitors. maybe you won't survive it.
15:09     wilmer| but apart from that, it's an interesting idea
15:10     wilmer| Kamion: hmm, it'd be bad to change the name now, all DD's already think it's going to be Sarge....
15:11     Kamion| nobody's actually using it for anything, I hope
15:11     wilmer| hmm, no, but i told quite a lot of people about the name already.....
15:11     Kamion| you should have waited for it to be confirmed, then :)
15:12     wilmer| kamion: true.. just that I never read anything about it from ajt.. People just started talking about Sarge, suddenly. So I thought it was official...
15:13       zarq| wilmer, it was around the time when testing went live that aj coined the name
15:14     wilmer| zarq: you mean when testing was introduced?
15:15     wilmer| that's a *long* time ago, i wasn't a DD those days.. now i see..
15:15       zarq| wilmer, yes.
15:15        JHM| Nah, 0.04 was a long time ago :-)
15:15     Kamion| wilmer: http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce-0012/msg00011.html
15:15       zarq| jhm, shut up :)
15:15     Kamion| wilmer: as far as I know, that's the only time 'sarge' was ever mentioned
15:17     wilmer| hmm, well.. one time is enough, isn't it? ;-)
15:18     Kamion| wilmer: no, check http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-0012/msg01740.html, about halfway down
15:18     -!-     Kamion is now known as |
15:18          || > Have you decided on "sarge" already?
15:18          || No, I just wanted a name to use, and it came to mind.
15:18     -!-     | is now known as Kamion
15:19     wilmer| I see..
15:19       *     Kamion  hands JHM the "old fart" badge
15:19     wilmer| Hmm, when will he decide about it then?
15:19     wilmer| After May 1?
15:20  Mithrandi| Kamion : it was mentioned multiple times, iirc.
15:20     Kamion| when there aren't more important things to do? :)
15:20        JHM| Kamion: Na, still one year to go for that.
15:20    mihtjel| wilmer: It should be done before may 1st
15:20     wilmer| exactly..
15:21     wilmer| so .. there's no time left.. maybe we should run a vote? ;-)
15:21       zarq| well... what alternatives to sarge do we have?
15:22        JHM| "etch", "sketch"
15:22     wilmer| hmm, how's that girlie called....
15:22       part| zarq: plenty
15:22     wilmer| you've all seen the film more often than I have, I think. :-)
15:23    mihtjel| wilmer: Bo, she has been used, afaik
15:23        JHM| Yes, we've had hamm, bo, rex, slink.
15:23    mihtjel| and woody and sid ..
15:23     wilmer| ohyes, bo indeed..

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