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Re: XFree 4.2.0 - again

#include <hallo.h>
Roland Mas wrote on Fri Apr 26, 2002 um 03:35:11PM:

> So you'd propose to have, say, unstable-for-woody, testing-for-woody,
> unstable-for-sarge, testing-for-sarge, unstable-for-<woody+2>,

BTW, who said Sarge? I cannot find any reference about this name, at
least not from any real decission makers. See attached IRC log, censored
a bit.


<Zomb> btw: what's woody+1? Sarge?
<Zomb> Could we have Debian Zurg?
<Oskuro_> zurg is TS2, right?
<asuffield> Zomb: won't be finalised until woody releases
<Oskuro_> there's many names in TS2.
Oskuro Oskuro_ <Zomb> Oskuro: yes
* vorlon-work scratches his head. Why is abiword x86-only?
<xtifr> I'd say that sarge is probably the front-runner, tho
<asuffield> well, aj has mentioned sarge once, maybe twice
* xtifr nods
<Zomb> hm... we should vote
<Zomb> Stinky-Pete is less apropriate, I guess...
* vorlon-work grins at http://www.theregister.co.uk/content/53/24490.html
* pgpkeys votes for zorg
<Oskuro_> calling releases after slang words would rock
<Zomb> or "Jessie"...
<Oskuro_> Jessie would be nice.
<Oskuro_> We've only had one female codename :)
<xtifr> barbie! :)
<pgpkeys> why not? goes right along with katie and jennifer
<Zomb> Jasmin...
<Zomb> Margarethe...
<pgpkeys> ummm... no
<pgpkeys> jasmine maybe. that last one?
<pgpkeys> s/me/m/
<Zomb> too long maybe
<Oskuro_> jasmine... who is she?
<StevenK> Name releases after actresses on Baywatch?
<pgpkeys> just doesn't sound right
<pgpkeys> girl from Aladin
<Oskuro_> yuck
<xtifr> ick, no disney!  they're trying to stamp out free software
<StevenK> No! Jasmine Bleech (sp?) was on Baywatch!
<pgpkeys> hey it's better than Debian GNU/Linux 3.2 (Roger Rabbit)
<StevenK> You've got it all wrong!
<mhp> 3.3 Elmer Fudd
<pgpkeys> lol
<pgpkeys> I always have it all wrong. never stopped me yet.
<StevenK> 4.1 Wallcous Wabbit
<StevenK> Or something
<pgpkeys> 4.2 Marvin
<Oskuro_> insults and slang words are great.
<pgpkeys> aka Marvin the martian
<mhp> 4.3 "Now you can panic"
<rcw> I don't suppose I'll ever get any buyin for my addictive-painkillers-for-releasenames idea
<Zomb> too long maybe
<Zomb> err
<pgpkeys> mhp rotfl
<xtifr> how 'bout obscure characters from 17th century literature?
<dilinger> http://etc.mp3revolution.net/gnome14
<Oskuro_> haha
<dilinger> we should take lessons from the gnome folks, they had good naming ideas
<pgpkeys> xtifr:  Debian GNU/Linux Valjean?
* StevenK can think of a few choice words for Gnome releases.
<rcw> dilinger: we are not naming a Debian release "excuse me have you seen my pants"!
<StevenK> rcw: Bwahaha
<Oskuro_> rcw: lol
<pgpkeys> rcw hahaha
<dilinger> rcw: at least it won't have as many misinterpretations as "woody" ;)
<mhp> hmms...
<pgpkeys> or "Can you get out of my pants"
<mhp> 9.8 "SuSE style"
<pgpkeys> well depends. will it bring mor elinux chiqs?
<Zomb> lol
<Joy> and point releases would be "Service Packs" eh? :)
<Zomb> Joy: not a bad idea ;)
<asuffield> Joy: either that or "JoeyPr0n"
<pgpkeys> sickos
<Oskuro_> Joy: haha
<xtifr> I think we should switch right now to using nicknames for penises -- we've already got a head start on that :)
<d00d> mmh.. Debian GNU/Linux "Numenor"?
<pgpkeys> xtifr: hahaha
<pgpkeys> oh god
<pgpkeys> Debian GNU/Linux Misnomer
<Zomb> Debian/Linux TheHighstNumber
<pgpkeys> Debian GNU/Linux "Plain Brown Wrapper"
<rcw> zomb: are we going to refer to our plans for "infinity+1" or "infinity+2" in the future?
<pgpkeys> To infinity and beyond!
<Zomb> rcw: why not ;)
<Zomb> Debian/Linux "InfiniteLoop"
<pgpkeys> ok, i need to lay off the weed or crack or wahtever I'm supposec to be on
<pgpkeys> err supposed
<Zomb> Debian/Linux "NeverEndingStory"
<pgpkeys> oh brother
<pgpkeys> I haven't heard that name i awhile
<Zomb> hm, no, Nintendo would sue us because of NES abb
<pgpkeys> Debian GNU/Linux "Crank"
* mhp ponders quotefiling the last few minutes
<pgpkeys> hehe I can here it now at the LUGs. "Yeah, I run Crank at home"
<dilinger> haha
<pgpkeys> yeah well I run Prozac and I can't wait for Klonopin to be released
<Oskuro_> mhp: haha
<pgpkeys> Wonder how many Narcs would be sittin at these meetings
<Zomb> mhp: go ahead
<Oskuro_> xtifr: haham, rocks
* mhp cut & pastes, and goes to sleep
<StevenK> pgpkeys: Ambigous.
<mhp> hmms
<pgpkeys> hehe
<mhp> Debian GNU/Linux Yamm (since it's almost as huge as my tamagotchi)
<pgpkeys> Debian GNU/Linux "Not your average CrackWhore"
<rcw> xtifr: <rcw> I don't suppose I'll ever get any buyin for my addictive-painkillers-for-releasenames idea
<LoRez> the morphine release?
<pgpkeys> Debian GNU/Linux "Neurosis"
<StevenK> Debian GNU/Linux "Crushed-by-Yamm"
<pgpkeys> hey i actually like the sound of that
<pgpkeys> hehe
<xtifr> rcw: that'll teach you to be subtle... :)
<pgpkeys> Debian GNU/Linux "Saline Drip for you rmind"
<Cowboy> Kamion: ayt ?
<rcw> xtifr: well, that's just the effect painkillers have
<Zomb> there are still many good names from Babylon 5 series
<Zomb> Debian/Linux "RangerOne"
<Zomb> Debian/Linux "Crysalis"
<Zomb> Debian/Linux "Valen"
<pgpkeys> "Vorlon"
<Zomb> yeah
<pgpkeys> wait, that actually works
<StevenK> Name releases after developers?
<StevenK> Wierd.
<Zomb> why not...
<Zomb> WhiteZombie
<StevenK> Debian GNU/Linux "Overfiend"
<nickr> Vorlon, hah. Release is a three-edged sword.
<Oskuro_> Debian GNU/Linux "lifesucks"
<pgpkeys> hmm. not sure how branden would respond to a distrib after him
<LoRez> StevenK: yeah, that's what we need, OF with a even bigger ego =)
<StevenK> LoRez: :-)
<pgpkeys> Less time to work on the X11 stuff when everyone's asking Is it really named after you??
<pgpkeys> You know we _could_ go with something simple like Debian GNU/Linux "Fried"
<pgpkeys> I mean you just gotta love all the permutaions you can get out of that
<xtifr> how about other distros:  debian 3.2 "redhat", debian 3.3 "suse" :)
<Zomb> hehe
<Zomb> if so, then "RatHead", "SuXe"
<pgpkeys> gotta add Killer or somthng
<xtifr> the good part about naming 'em after other distros is that we'll have names to mine for *centuries* to come! :)
<pgpkeys> actually I prefer Debian GNU/Linux "Optimus"
<nickr> how about obscure heavenly bodies
<nickr> NGC 3210
<pgpkeys> Hmm. Nebual Gas Cloud 3210
<pgpkeys> just doesn't have the same ring as NCC-1701D
* Jo-Con-El_ wondered for a second that 'obscure heavenly bodies' was Satan...or something.
<Zomb> what about emotions? "Optmism", "Hope", "Sympathy"
<pgpkeys> hey the Enterprise alone would give us enough for 4 or 5 releases
<pgpkeys> never mind the other class startships.
<pgpkeys> Zomb:  "Pity"
<xtifr> if we mine startrek, the b5 bozos will whine, and if we mine b5, I quit! :)
<LoRez> or not so obscure heavenly bodies "Katie Holmes"
<pgpkeys> hey B5 rocked
<Zomb> xtifr: same here
<xtifr> whatever
<Zomb> B5 names are the right way to go
<pgpkeys> hopw can you NOT like the Shadow Wars??
<pgpkeys> s/hopw/how/
<xtifr> easily
<seeS> what about calling it Debian 3.0 "star-trek-fans-are-weenies"
<pgpkeys> damn. deprived souls
<StevenK> LoRez: katie is already named after Katie Holmes.
<Jo-Con-El_> And what about hiding some message in several releases?
<StevenK> I mean, duh.
<pgpkeys> come step in my house uninvited and see how much of a weenie i am
<Jo-Con-El_> Debian 3.1 'Towards'
<Jo-Con-El_> Debian 3.2 'Total'
<Jo-Con-El_> Debian 3.2 'World'
<Jo-Con-El_> Debian 3.2 'Domination'
<LoRez> StevenK: I know.  but we could use other "bodies"
<pgpkeys> there's not a transportor that can help you then
<Jo-Con-El_> Debian 3.4 'Domination'
<StevenK> Jo-Con-El_: You suck. ;-)
<StevenK> 3.1, 3.2, 3.2, 3.2
<pgpkeys> Dominus
<Jo-Con-El_> StevenK: Heh, I saw. O:-)
<Jo-Con-El_> StevenK: But when we achieve total domination...we can do whatever we want with the ordinal numbers, eh?
<Jo-Con-El_> :-)
<pgpkeys> Debian GNU/Linux "Twisted" ?
<pgpkeys> i vote for a backwards count
<pgpkeys> if you're not using Debian Linux before we reach 0.0 you get the gas chamber
<Jo-Con-El_> pgpkeys: X-D
<Jo-Con-El_> Hehehe
<Jo-Con-El_> I'm sure that reportbug maintainer will want to make Debian releases like:
<Jo-Con-El_> 3.1
<Jo-Con-El_> 3.14
<Jo-Con-El_> 3.141
<Jo-Con-El_> 3.1415
<Jo-Con-El_> etc.
<nickr> haha
<Oskuro_> It'd be nice to use an epoch with every release. That would piss many :)
<Oskuro_> package release, I mean
<pgpkeys> ok, if you don't like gas chamber idea, then we make em permenantly use HP-UX
<asuffield> Oskuro: just an epoch, no version component >:)
<asuffield> Oskuro: or some random text in the version component
<Oskuro_> asuffield: lol
<Oskuro_> yeah, that'd be nasty
<asuffield> extracted from fortune
<xtifr> get names from M-X spook :)
<pgpkeys> the unsanitized fortune even
<asuffield> 2:X-Face-<gibberish>
<Oskuro_> 2:could-work-maybe-it-wont
<Oskuro_> asuffield: heh
<rcw> next people will want minor number support in epochs
<pgpkeys> well, i still vote for releases named after sed or perl regexx
<StevenK> Whta about [^.]*udhda.*+1?
<StevenK> s/Whta/What/
<Oskuro_> Debian GNU/Linux/ "s/RedHat/Sucks/g"
<pgpkeys> naww, not long enough. reportbug could handle that easily
<StevenK> s/Red\(Hat\)/Root\1/
<pgpkeys> how about an epoch + date string + regex to reverse every other charactor
<pgpkeys> starting from teh far end
<nickr> epoc+date+md5sum of orig
<pgpkeys> oooo, that oughta be nice
<pgpkeys> better to use an unescaped gpg public key
<Oskuro_> heh
<pgpkeys> embed it right in the distro name
<StevenK> Debian GNU/Linux 3200312067642786478236e478657826357867834658
<pgpkeys> hmm
<pgpkeys> wait, wait.. this has potential
<rcw> that's right, we were gonna sign our releases, weren't we?
<pgpkeys> hehehe
<Oskuro_> this must be one of the most irrelevant conversations in a while :)
<Oskuro_> And we've been talking about it for a long while now :)
<pgpkeys> measn we're slowly working to a consensus of Debian GNU/Linux "Line Noise"
* doogie drops a vat of napalm on the channe
<doogie> +l
<pgpkeys> hmm /mode #debian +l  -9999
<pgpkeys> nm
<Oskuro_> doogie meant this channel, I suspect :p
<pgpkeys> thus the quick nm
<Zomb> Debian Gnu/Linux "Chaos"
<Zomb> whatever... sleep time

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