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Re: PGI installer [Was: Re: Why XFree86 4.2 Isn't in Woody]

On Tue, Apr 16, 2002 at 06:49:58PM +0200, Grzegorz Prokopski wrote:
> After that introduction (sorry, just wanted You to know the situation)
> let me ask You a few questions:
> First, main one:
> 0. Is PGI good enough to be used as basic installer for Debian magazine
> edition which will be pressed in a few thousand of copies?

Well, I wouldn't want to make any warranties or guarantees at this
point.  When the version number has reached 1.0 I'll feel more

All I can say is that PGI appears to be much more robust even than
Progeny Debian's installer, upon which it was based.  Aside from issues
with video cards unsupported by XFree86 (see below), I am unaware of any
categorial complaints about PGI's robustness.

> Maybe it is good enough to be secondary installer (maybe on second a CD
> or sth?)

I personally would certainly be comfortable with that.

> 1. Is this possible to include it along with the basic, textmode
> installer? Can You say some more deatailed about it?

PGI does actually include a text-mode installer.  You pass the installer
the "textmode" argument at the SYSLINUX boot prompt.

> 2. Is PGI localized to Polish? (I don't think so) Is it hard to do?
> where/who to ask? (I will also be trying to get base-config in Polish,
> as I belive it's needed to have fully "localized" installation).

PGI is not localized to Polish, and there would be some infrastructural
changes necessary to support internationalization.

> 3. What else should I know ? ;-) Some mailing list? (I can't find
> anything about PGI on debian-boot)

You can read more at <http://hackers.progeny.com/pgi/>.

> Huh - it'd be really nice to have PGI as the main installer ;-)
> But now I really need some good advice in the first place.
> Any comments are welcomed.

I welcome further feedback, especially once you've had a chance to
evaluate it.  Thanks a lot for giving PGI a look!

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