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PGI installer [Was: Re: Why XFree86 4.2 Isn't in Woody]

W liście z wto, 16-04-2002, godz. 14:01, Branden Robinson pisze: 
> I'll also add that some of my time (some of it paid for by my employer)
> has being going towards trying to solve a problem that people have been
> complaining about even more loudly -- and for a greater duration -- than
> the absence of XFree86 4.2 Debian packages: Debian's installer.
> Some people just don't like Debian's existing text-mode installer, no
> matter how flexible it is.  They want a GUI installer, darn it.
> Progeny's version of Debian got pretty positive reviews, and several
> people said Progeny "solved" the "problem" with Debian's installer.
> Thus, a vastly improved version of Progeny's installer is now available.
> You can read about it at:
> 	http://hackers.progeny.com/pgi/
> PGI is not yet at 1.0, but has performed dozens (perhaps hundreds, by
> now) of successful woody installations on i386 and ia64 hardware.  If
> you use either of these platforms, please check it out.  Additionally,
> thanks to Jimmy Kaplowitz a PowerPC port is underway.


I am managing preparations of press edition of Debian Woody for Debian
users in Poland. It will be Special edtion of Linux+ magazine
(http://www.linux.com.pl). We will include 8 CDs with binary packages
(or 2 DVDs of binaries and source as an option). There will be 64 pages
of misc artiles,

and of course one about installation too. I was just about to start the
writing of this text ATM.

I knew about PGI but didn't know that it's being actively worked on.
Till today I was decided to use starndard installer on our CDs.
But, as You said above, it's painfull for many, many new users.

And we heavily target new users. The materials are prepared so that new
wannabe-debian-user (who just decided to leve his beloved RH or MDK)
could start with Debian more easily. We only release i386 binaries, so
lack of ports of PGI is not the problem here.

After that introduction (sorry, just wanted You to know the situation)
let me ask You a few questions:

First, main one:

0. Is PGI good enough to be used as basic installer for Debian magazine
edition which will be pressed in a few thousand of copies?
Maybe it is good enough to be secondary installer (maybe on second a CD
or sth?)

1. Is this possible to include it along with the basic, textmode
installer? Can You say some more deatailed about it?

2. Is PGI localized to Polish? (I don't think so) Is it hard to do?
where/who to ask? (I will also be trying to get base-config in Polish,
as I belive it's needed to have fully "localized" installation).

3. What else should I know ? ;-) Some mailing list? (I can't find
anything about PGI on debian-boot)

Huh - it'd be really nice to have PGI as the main installer ;-)
But now I really need some good advice in the first place.
Any comments are welcomed.

Best regards

					Grzegorz Prokopski

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