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Re: XFree 4.2.0 - again

On Tue, 16 Apr 2002 04:57, Jeff Licquia wrote:
> On Mon, 2002-04-15 at 21:14, Lasse Karkkainen wrote:
> > Hi!   (it's my first post here)
> >
> > You are probably sick and tired of this topic, but ...
> >
> > Yes, it really has been three (3) months (!) since it was released.
> >
> > No, I am NOT willing to prepare and release that package.
> Wow.  What an idiot.
> Here's an idea: the next time we have someone complain about potato
> being so old and woody taking so long, let's say, "Hey, you know, this
> 'tronic2' guy flamed us real bad for not including XFree86 4.2, so we're
> postponing woody for six more months to get it in.  Feel free to talk to
> him if this bothers you."
> The only problem is that we'd likely be named accessories to the
> inevitable murder this would trigger.

Someone as stupid as Lasse is unlikely to live very long anyway.

Maybe we need a new sub-distribution, Debian for glue-sniffers?

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