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Re: Supermount

On Mon, Apr 15, 2002 at 07:54:48PM +0200, Tomas Pospisek's Mailing Lists wrote:
> On Mon, 15 Apr 2002, Joseph Carter wrote:
> > On Mon, Apr 15, 2002 at 12:06:23PM +0200, David Odin wrote:
> > >   The way of acting is the same as supermount, but it won't let you do
> > > stupid thing such as ejecting a medium in use.
> Depending on what "use" means it's not the user that is stupid, but the
> implementation. I know from experience that it is impossible to emulate
> windows removable media behaveour which is a PITA. For "normal" people
> it's the led that's the indicator of "in use", which is IMHO not that
> stupid. Stupid is that the whole chain of tools expects media to be
> unmounted and if you don't do it that favor as a not-so-experienced user
> will most probably *will* have to pull the plug to get that "*&/%"*/&% CD
> out of the drive.
> *t
  Well, the main problem I have with supermount and not have with
automount is the following:
  I'm a CS teacher, and the linux distribution in the computer room is
mandrake. And, very often, a student use supermount to mount a floppy,
do some stuff, but manage to log off with the floppy still mounted.
Then, the next student using the same computer cannot use the floppy,
since it is still mounted. Only root can unmount then, and that's very



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