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Re: Debian Animation ;)

also sprach Eduard Bloch <edi@gmx.de> [2002.04.15.1952 +0200]:
> Imagine that scene aus TS2, where Woody is riding on the horse through
> the black-white countryside... Now imagine him riding trough
> (black-white) terminal room, ie. on the table in front of keyboards.
> Behind him, everything gets color, monitors are showing nice pictures,
> some beatifull animations, etc. etc. Then the horse jumps down from the
> table, the camera follows him, and on the floor, we see a big Debian
> logo. Then the camera is fixed, Woody rides away, the logo moves to get
> full screen size, and some words appear (as subtitles), i.e. Debian
> GNU/Linux 3.0...

(pixar contact #1 placed into gear)
(i also contacted bruce perens ;^>)
(silly idea, but those are usually the best)

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