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Re: Supermount

On Mon, Apr 15, 2002 at 12:06:23PM +0200, David Odin wrote:
> Supermount is a very bad hack, and as the problem of letting a user
> 'lock' a removable medium, if it is "superunmounted" when still in use.

This flaw is notable, unfortunately.  However, this is a matter of
permissions really.  If only group floppy has access to touch the floppy
device (or other removables for that matter) I think you will find the
problem is at least mitigated.  Why the hell would any multiuser machine
let non-local users access the removable media in the first place?  Sounds
like a recipe for disaster.

> > automount is totally insufficient compared to the supermount patch.
> > Or is there some other patch that has equal functionality for mounting
> > removable media immediately when it is put in and then umounting it
> > when ejected? Thanks,
> > 
>   Automount will mount the medium as soon as you access it. I fail to see
> any use of mounting a medium when it is put, and before it is accessed.
> The medium will be unmounted after a 'user defined' time. I've chosen 5
> seconds, so at most, I'll have to wait 5 seconds between the last time I
> access the medium and the moment I want to eject the medium.

Automount does not seem to deal with USB storage devices very well IME..
With a USB removable device you have not only the problem of automounting
the thing, but that the thing may be a different device each time you plug
it in.  I can't imagine that supermount deals with this in any superior
manner really, but it is infinitely easier to configure!

That is, if you can get it to compile.  Mandrake's patch seems to be the
authoriative implementation for > 2.4.0 kernels, and it requires more
knowledge of the rest of their patches to apply cleanly than I was willing
to spend on my one USB device which I intended for small file transfer
where a network's not available.

>   The way of acting is the same as supermount, but it won't let you do
> stupid thing such as ejecting a medium in use.

A standard ISA-mapped floppy controller's drive can be ejected in the
middle of a write.  You can't deal with that in any meaningful way.

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