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Re: Debian Animation ;)

#include <hallo.h>
martin f krafft wrote on Mon Apr 15, 2002 um 01:09:20AM:

> > But then, perhaps they sue us over the name, so this might be a bad
> > idea...
> nah, i doubt it. i'll talk to a good friend who works there. it's not
> like they don't already know about debian's naming scheme...
> i'll write an email to a couple of folks there tomorrow. asking never
> hurts...

Imagine that scene aus TS2, where Woody is riding on the horse through
the black-white countryside... Now imagine him riding trough
(black-white) terminal room, ie. on the table in front of keyboards.
Behind him, everything gets color, monitors are showing nice pictures,
some beatifull animations, etc. etc. Then the horse jumps down from the
table, the camera follows him, and on the floor, we see a big Debian
logo. Then the camera is fixed, Woody rides away, the logo moves to get
full screen size, and some words appear (as subtitles), i.e. Debian
GNU/Linux 3.0...

(A)bort (R)etry (I)mJustJokingButYouShouldHaveSeenTheLookOnYourFace...

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