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Re: Debian Animation ;)

> It looks a bit like a potato though... not quite right for the woody
> release? What about woody riding it? How long did it take to render?

If you make me a woody model for povray? Just a few spheres? ;)
That would be no problem...

The wood texture of the comet isn't too visible after the compression ;)

I was thinking about having the comet the form of the debian swirl.
But i'll need to find some converter to create this...

> I really should start doing PovRay animations rather than just pictures

You'll need to be good at math's to make smooth animations ;)

Erich Schubert

BTW: What is the best free video codec? MPEG-2 ? OpenDivX?
After all the movie should be playable with software contained in woody,
no non-US stuff that might have patent problems...

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