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Observation on syslinux/lilo/grub w/rsp to old Toshiba Laptops

(Removed cross-post to debian-boot, since I'm not on that list).

On Fri, Apr 12, 2002 at 12:42:10PM -0500, Branden Robinson wrote:
> Also, PGI currently uses syslinux and will continue to do past its 1.0
> release.  PGI works on i386, of course, and may be a good candidate
> for legacy hardware support when the official Debian installer can't
> bend over backwards that far anymore.  (PGI does not, however, support
> floppy-disk-based installs.)

I would agree.  We can't "Be everything to everyone".  I've just
recently acquired a laptop (my first!).  It's a Toshiba T3400CT, an old
486/sx with a whopping 6.5" /color/ LCD! ;-)  I've been able to boot it
with tomsrtbt, but the debian rescue discs, even the lowmem ones from
slink, do not work.  DOS boots fine and the NetBSD discs boot as well
(but I don't fancy a floppy installation).

At 4 MB of ram and a picky BIOS, my best bet for getting this thing
installed w/a base Woody installation is to create a custom boot disc
that mounts an NFS root.  To do so, it has to run pcmcia for the new
Linksys NIC I purchased for it.

But like Brandon said, this is a great example of a legacy hardware
setup that we can simply not support as default.  Also considering that
this particular laptop may not work with anything but a zImage kernel
(if it has the same problems as the Tecra series), it really wouldn't
fall into the "default" category.

BTW, I'll let you know how it goes. ;-)  If anyone has suggestions or
ideas that might help me get this little sucker fired up, I'm all ears.

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