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Re: Please test this woody cd image

    Mike> On Fri, Apr 12, 2002 at 08:38:00AM -0500, Shyamal Prasad
    Mike> wrote:
    >> It failed to boot an IBM Aptiva 2161-C8E desktop with a
    >> 1/19/1997 BIOS. This 166Mhz Pentium box has been my trusty
    >> machine for 5 years, and boots the potato r3 CD and also
    >> another woody netinst ISO (the one

    Mike> Well, I guess the question is do we want to support new
    Mike> machines or old machines; it doesn't seem that we can do
    Mike> both. (I'd vote for the former because we need to move
    Mike> forward, and it's not like we're removing the floppy boot
    Mike> option.)

No disagreement there. I don't mind if my old PC doesn't boot off the
first CD, and I'm all for better support for new hardware.

The issue I wanted to highlight was that a bf 3.0.19 based netinst ISO
works great on this machine(http://people.debian.org/~ieure/netinst)
with all the syslinux features (I can choose a kernel, hit F3 for
help, etc.).

However, the image Raphael requested testing for does not.

What'd done differently? 

I'm not boot expert, but it seems possible that a small change might
make this CD more usable on a wider range of machines (since I have
found at least on syslinux based CD that does work). My machine is
old, but not "unmodern" - it's got PCI and USB support, has booted
every other CD I've ever come across, and has the right horse power to
make a good Linux machine.

I'm at work and I can't look at my CD, so if I got some detail wrong
don't shoot me.

Cheers from the ingoramus!

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