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Re: Faster Release Cycle = More Up to date Packages...

On Apr 11, Johnny Ernst Nielsen wrote:
> To make things worse, 3.0 contents will at the time of release 
> already be about 6 months out of date.

Here's a challenge for you: identify the top date in the changelog for
the current version of every package in testing (3.0).  I doubt
there's a single package in standard that hasn't been changed in the
past six months.

Except for frozen packages, an updated upstream version of any package
uploaded today would make it into testing by May 1, unless aj switches
to a hard freeze on all packages in the next ten days.  Since my guess
is that we won't see a hard freeze until all the RC bugs are done, I
like the chances of any package in unstable making it into woody.

The only packages in unstable that aren't in woody (testing) are in
the update-excuses output:

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