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Re: Dependencies on libpgsql2.1

On Sun, Apr 07, 2002 at 08:09:49PM -0500, Colin Watson wrote:
> update_output.txt says:
> trying: postgresql 
> skipped: postgresql (134+2)
>     got: 46+0: a-46
>     * alpha: courier-authpostgresql, dbf2pg, ddt-server, gda-postgres,
>       gphotocoll, gtksql, guile-pg, libapache-mod-auth-pgsql, libch,
>       libch-dev, libdbd-pg-perl, libgql0-driver-pg,
>       libgtrans-postgresql-6-5-3, libnss-pgsql1, libpam-pgsql,
>       mnogosearch-pgsql, netsaint-plugins-extra, netsaint-plugins-pgsql,
>       perdition-postgresql, php3-cgi-pgsql, php3-pgsql, php4-pgsql,
>       pike7-pg, proftpd-pgsql, python-pgsql, python-popy,
>       python-psycopg, python1.5-popy, python1.5-psycopg,
>       python2.1-pgsql, python2.1-popy, python2.1-psycopg,
>       python2.2-pgsql, python2.2-popy, python2.2-psycopg, qttudo,
>       trafstats, www-pgsql

To clarify, not all of these packages are buggy in sid. The ones (by
source package) that have a problem appear to be something like this at
the moment:

  courier-ssl dbf2sql ddt gql gtksql guile-pg libch libnss-pgsql
  netsaint-plugins pike7-crypto psycopg python-pgsql qttudo

Colin Watson                                  [cjwatson@flatline.org.uk]

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