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Re: Defoma Problems

> It's interesting how strongly these fonts are a recommendation of free
> fonts. Misnamed glyphs need to be moved, those previously mentioned
> blank glyphs need to go away, and many new characters could be created
> with little work (Berylium has the c, h, g, j, s, u, circumflex and
> breve glyphs needed for Esperanto. all that needs to be done is that
> they are combined. I believe Welsh, and I'm sure many other languages,
> would be equally simple).

Actually these changes are allowed by the licence i got from the author.
He doesn't allow changing the name or any of the main characters; he
explicitely allowed to add new chars by adding circumflexes etc. to old
Removing empty characters alltogether is probably ok, too ;)

Well, i fear nobody cares enough for non-free fonts to do that...


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