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Defoma Problems

I maintain the ttf-larabie-* packages, a set of 350 almost-free fonts
(free as in free beer that is ;) - in 450 ttf files.
I'd like to support defoma, but the defoma utilities for generating the
defoma hint files are unuseable for me.

1. it takes ages: i have to confirm about 20 dialogs for each font.
Makes 9000 dialogs i have to fill out and confirm...
I havn't found a way to specify certain defaults, either...
for example i want all Fonts to use the "LarabieFonts" Registry.
Second i do not want to be shown the confirmation that the font uses
"iso-8859-1" as default encoding...

2. i don't know enough about fonts to classify them. Is this font now
Roman, is it Semilight, is it NoSerif? For most fonts i tried
classifying i did not succeed really.
It was difficul enough to split them into three useful packages...

I tried mailing the defoma maintainer a few month's ago; i did not
recieve a reply.

Can someone point me to some useful scripts for generating defoma hints?


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